Our Mission

The NAPIER-LOOBY BAR ASSOCIATION shall serve the following purposes:

  • To promote the efficient administration of justice and the improvement of the legal profession;
  • To enhance the performance and increase the professional opportunities of its members;
  • To ensure the availability of legal services to the African-American community and the general public;
  • To educate and inform its members and the public regarding pertinent legal issues and viable solutions thereto;
  • To elevate the standards of competence, honor and courtesy in the legal profession;
  • To support initiatives designed to improve the economic conditions of all individuals;
  • To promote diversity within the bar and eliminate discrimination and inequality based on racial and/or ethnic considerations;
  • To assist in plugging the leak in the diversity pipeline of today’s African-American youth.
  • To promote the interests, rights, privileges, and duties conferred upon local bar associations, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Tennessee and/or by applicable Rules of Court;
  • To establish programs and initiatives to pursue, support and facilitate the implementation of these purposes and do anything necessary and proper for the lawful accomplishment of any and all purposes hereinabove set forth.