Program & Events

The Program & Events Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating programs and events designed to promote the Association within the greater professional and political community and increase the visibility of the Association. The Programs/Events Committee is also responsible for presenting Continuing Legal Education programs on behalf and for the benefit of the Chapter. This committee shall be chaired by the President-Elect.

Members of the Finance Committee are responsible for preparing the annual budget of the Association, which shall be presented to the Board of Directors. It shall consult with the Board of Directors on the financial and administrative needs of the Association and shall assist in planning fundraising events for the Association. This committee shall be chaired by the Association’s Treasurer.

Student Outreach
This committee shall be responsible for aiding minority students of all ages interested in law and assisting them on the path to become excellent legal professionals.
This committee shall be responsible for planning workshops that aid and assist the community.

This committee shall be responsible for identifying legislative issues that impact the legal profession and issues that affect diversity on the judicial bench and bringing such matters to the Association for consideration.

The committee also develops and implements strategies to ensure that the Association is an active and influential participant in the legal and political processes that affect minority citizens.

This committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members by identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs, developing means for increasing NLBA membership, and welcoming new members and recommending ways to acknowledge those new members.
The Communications committee is responsible for developing, updating and monitoring NLBA’s communications policies as well as recommending new ways for NLBA to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media
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